Key Facts:

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    1, 10, and 40 Gigabit per second port speeds
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    Modular hardware design with four slots allows expansion from 24, 48, or 72 ports to full 96 port capacity
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    Supports up to 4096 separate VLANs
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    Wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding

Overview of the MDX4090

Engineered to meet the stringent performance and reliability needs of carriers and Telco operators, the MDX4090 is a compact, high density IP Media switch and router. The MDX4090 supports up to ninety-six 1G or 10G Ethernet ports as well as four ultra-high speed 40G Ethernet trunks. Using industry-standard SFP and QSFP pluggable optical interfaces, the unit is intended to grow as your business needs and network traffic change.

Benefits of the MDX 4090

  • Highly reliable, field proven switching/routing technology
  • Cost effective design with high port density
  • Combines video streams and TCP/IP data traffic over a single unified network
  • Simplified and automated configuration for rapid deployment and expansion
  • Full SNMP management and provisioning under the Media Links NMS management system
  • High reliability/availability, including redundant power supplies and redundant upstream and downstream links, loop detection, and storm control
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) ready for true network programmability
  • Hot swappable power supplies and fans
  • Supports Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for in-studio workflows and end-to-end IP transport
  • Static and dynamic power saving modes for reduced energy consumption
  • Available API/SDK to control VLANs, ports, and configuration information

Key Features of the MDX 4090

  • 1428Mbps packet forwarding rate
  • Media Rapid Flow Protocol for ultra-fast switching
  • Ideal for core or aggregation switching
  • Low power consumption with static or dynamic power saving features
  • Guaranteed bandwidth control including shaping
  • 100% Quality of Service (QoS) and non-blocking architecture for full line rate on all ports
  • Layer 2/3 hardware switching core, IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast hardware routing
  • Ultra Low Latency switching
  • Pluggable electrical or optical port interfaces
  • Port and MAC VLANs
  • Non-disruptive VLAN provisioning and seamless multicast joins
  • High port density in a compact 2RU chassis form factor
  • Numeric front panel LED status indicator
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 1G electrical or 10G optical ports, four 40Gb ports
  • Modular design, expandable to 96 ports in 24 port increments
  • SD memory card for local log file, firmware, and configuration storage
  • Loop detection and storm control

Applications for the MDX 4090

  • Traffic aggregation and local/WAN switching
  • Layer 2 & Layer 3 core switching
  • 4K video transport
  • Core networks for media organizations and media outlets
  • Contribution video and end-to-end transport, including distribution
  • Remote production and file-based workflows

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