The E1/T1 module supports both SONET and SDH standards and can be configured to provide either local E1 or T1 interfaces. Equipped with 8 local interface ports, the E1/T1 module encapsulates each pair of local transmit interfaces into Ethernet frames and transfers them to the MD8000 Switch Controller (SW-CNT) modules. In the reverse direction, incoming Ethernet streams are transferred from the SW-CNT and sent to the output connectors as E1/T1 signals. To add resiliency to the signal transport, both Forward Error Correction (FEC) and hitless switching are optional for these streams.

The E1/T1 module is a double-width module that occupies two adjacent slots in a MD8000 chassis. The module provides uni-directional control of 4/8 E1/T1 services over the WAN. Two E1/T1 services are encapsulated into a single Ethernet stream in order to minimize delay and maximize bandwidth efficiency. The paired E1/T1 signals must be connected to the same destination.

The front panel of the E1/T1 module features a comprehensive set of LEDs for monitoring the status and health of incoming and outgoing audio streams. Using SNMP, the module is also fully manageable by Media Links’ NMS systems.

Key Features of the 8 Port E1/T1 Line Module

  • 4 Independent Circuits 2x E1 or T1
  • RJ45 Connector Interface, balanced
  • Interface Impedance: 120 ohm (E1) or 100 ohm (T1)
  • Line Coding: AMI or HDB3 (E1) or AMI or B8ZS (T1)
  • Bandwidth: 4Mbps (E1) or 3Mbps (T1)

Key Functions of the 8 Port E1/T1 Line Module

  • External interface to E1 or T1 user circuits
  • Clear Channel Transport
  • Transparent with Robust FEC
  • Hitless Path Failure Protection

Applications for the 8 Port E1/T1 Line Module

  • LAN Extension
  • WAN Access Circuit
  • Network Management and Telemetry
  • File Transfer