Delivering extremely high quality HD-SDI or SD-SDI video signal transport with compression, the MD8000-JPEG video module can perform either as an encoder or decoder using JPEG2000 compression, a wavelet-based compression technique. The JPEG2000 is ISO/IEC 15444-1, Annex A. compliant and uses YCrCb 4:2:2 chroma subsampling and 10 bit JPEG2000 Part 1 video coding. In addition to video, the JPEG2000 encoder can pass up to 16 uncompressed embedded audio channels along with the V-Ancillary data, time code, and audio control. JPEG2000 9/7 irreversible compression may be used for both HD-SDI and SD-SDI video signals and is visually lossless.

Hitless Protection Switching can be enabled for any of the signals transported by the MD8000-JPEG module. This technology uses two identical output streams routed over separate paths to a single destination, where any errors on one stream can be avoided by immediately switching to the other stream. Forward Error Correction and Lossless/Hitless path protection switching are also provided for extremely robust signal transport.

HD video formats include 1080i and 720p (SMPTE 292M) and SD video formats include 625i and 525i (SMPTE 259M). The JPEG2000 video module is available in two different versions, a standard JPEG2000 version and a JPEG2000 2022 version which is compliant with the SMPTE 2022 standard.

A video generator (useful in circuit turn-up, testing, and troubleshooting) and an ID generator are built into the JPEG2000 encoder module.

Key Features of the JPEG2000 Encoder/Decoder Video Module

  • High Quality, User-Selectable Compression Rates for SD-SDI and HD-SDI
  • Very low video/audio latency, less than 2 ms
  • Uncompressed Audio Transmission up to 8 Channels AES and Ancillary Data
  • Built-in video generator and ID generator
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • 75 ohm BNC connectors for inputs (Encoder version) and outputs (Decoder version)
  • Available in standard JPEG2000 and SMPTE 2022 compatible versions (ARP/GARP, Layer 3)
  • Operates over IP, SONET/SDH, or Metropolitan Ethernet networks
  • Fully transparent

Key Functions of the JPEG2000 Encoder/Decoder Video Module

  • Dual Purpose SD-SDI or HD-SDI JPEG2000 Transmit or Receive
  • Supports Uncompressed HD or SDI Direct Encapsulation
  • Accepts DVB-ASI Burst and Byte Mode
  • Hitless Switch Protection

Applications for the JPEG2000 Encoder/Decoder Video Module

  • Carrier Class Media Delivery Networks
  • High Performance Studio Interconnects
  • Flawless Contribution Video-Transport
  • Integrated Live, Recorded and File-Based Communications
  • Studio-to-Studio Transfers