The MD8000-VIF module is a cost effective, single channel video interface board for transmitting and receiving HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVB-ASI input signals. Inputs to and outputs from the VIF board can be either coax or fiber. The input monitor for the card is always coax, regardless of input.

The VIF board accepts one channel of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVB-ASI signal input, encapsulates the signal into Ethernet frames, and transfers them to the MD8000 Switch Controller (SW-CNT) modules.

Incoming Ethernet streams received by the board can originate anywhere in the MD8000 network, The VIF provides robust Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Lossless/Hitless path protection switching for extremely robust signal transport. The front panel of the MD8000-VIF module features a comprehensive set of LEDs for monitoring the status and health of incoming and outgoing video streams. Using SNMP, the module is fully manageable by Media Links’ NMS systems.

Key Features of the VIF – HD/SD/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • HD/SD/ASI in one Module
  • 297M Optical Interface
  • 292M/250M Coax Interface
  • Tx & Rx in one Module
  • Auto-Selectable Video Input

Key Functions of the VIF – HD/SD/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • External interface to HD/SD/DVB-ASI user circuit
  • Optical or Electrical Interface
  • Transparent with Robust FEC
  • Hitless Path Failure Protection

Applications for the VIF – HD/SD/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • Carrier Class Media Networks
  • Flawless Contribution Video-Transport
  • Reliable Content Delivery Systems
  • High Performance Studio Interconnects
  • Integrated Live, Recorded and File-Based Communications