The VRX-4S module is a four port video receiver supporting SD-SDI, SDTI or DVB-ASI signals. As a receiver, the VRX-4S accepts Ethernet packets from the MD8000 Switch Controller (SW-CNT) and sends them to the appropriate video output ports. The four Ethernet streams that terminate on this module can originate anywhere in the MD8000 network. Each output port has the same functionality as a VIF-1Sch module.

The VRX-4S provides robust Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Lossless/Hitless path protection switching for reliable signal transport. DVB-ASI output signals are reconstructed from the transparent Ethernet transport of MPEG2TS. Nulls within the ASI wrapper are re-inserted matching the original DVB-ASI signal. Only CBR (Constant Bit Rate) is supported for the MPEG2 DVB-ASI transport stream.

The front panel of the VRX-4S module features a comprehensive set of LEDs for monitoring the status and health of incoming video streams. Using SNMP, the module is also fully manageable by Media Links’ NMS systems.

Key Features of the VRX-4S 4 Port SD/SDTI/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • Outputs 1-4 input signals
  • Front Panel LED indicators for all four outputs
  • SD-SDI output: 525i (59.94Hz), 625i (50Hz), SMPTE 259M. Can carry up to 8 audio channels
  • DVB- ASI output: MPEG2-TS, operates in byte or burst mode
  • Granular bandwidth allocation
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Independent Hitless Switching on all four channels
  • Four 75 ohm electrical outputs, BNC connectors
  • Selectable VLAN priority

Key Functions of the VRX-4S 4 Port SD/SDTI/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • External interface to SD/SDTI/DVB-ASI user circuit
  • Internal electrical interface to MD8000 SW-CNT modules

Applications for the VRX-4S 4 Port SD/SDTI/DVB-ASI Video Module

  • Carrier Class Media Networks
  • High Performance Studio Interconnects
  • Flawless Contribution Video-Transport
  • Reliable Content Delivery Systems
  • Integrated Live, Recorded and File-Based Communications