The Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet Trunk module provides a flexible network interface module for all MD8000 series applications. This single card provides interfaces to two separate transport networks, each of which can operate at any of the popular Ethernet interface speeds of 100 Mbit/sec or at 1000 Mbit/sec. This flexibility gives network designers the ability to create a wide range of redundant or non-redundant network architectures that comply with all applicable Ethernet signal standards.

Both electrical and optical interfaces are supported. The MD8000-2GbE-E (electrical) version includes two standard RJ-45 electrical connections that can be used for full-duplex 100 or 1000BaseT applications. The MD8000-2GbE-O (optical) units are designed to provide two independent optical Gigabit Ethernet connections. These units require one Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) device for each of the two interfaces, which can be independently selected for the desired optical wavelength and distance from one of four choices.

The MD8000-2GbE module can be installed in any available slot in the 4-RU MD8000 chassis, the 7-RU MD8000EX chassis, or the 2-RU MD8000SX chassis. In combination with MD8000 signal interface cards and the flexible switch/controller units, many different types of media signals can be transported over common Ethernet network infrastructures. Full system configuration and alarm reporting is available through the extensive SNMP MIB and the ProMD Network Management System (NMS).

Key Features of the Two Port 100/1000BT Ethernet Trunk Module

  • Operates at 100 or 1000Mbps
  • Wide Range of SFP Optical Modules
  • Separate status/error information for ports 1 and 2
  • Optical and Electrical (CAT-5) Interfaces, SC connectors on optical card
  • Optical Range of up to 120km, multi-mode or single-mode fiber
  • Front panel LED status and error indicators, including link status, LOS, power, temperature, TX/RX
  • Jumbo Frame support, up to 9022 bytes in length, including headers and FCS
  • IEEE 802.3 compatible, CSMA/CD Full Duplex access method

Key Functions of the Two Port 100/1000BT Ethernet Trunk Module

  • Network Interface for MD8000
  • User Configurable Maximum Bandwidth Limits
  • Compliant with 802.3 Ethernet Standards

Applications for the Two Port 100/1000BT Ethernet Trunk Module

  • Compressed Video Streams via 100BaseT links
  • Uncompressed SD and Compressed HD Video over Gigabit Links
  • Direct Connections to Industry-Standard Routers and Switches
  • Metropolitan Distribution Network connectivity for cost-effective transport