Netgazer® - Network Management Software


Key Facts:

  • Manage in-studio as well as wide area media networks
  • Fast, smart, flexible services and workflows
  • Monitor and manage complex environments
  • Based on an integrated SDN & MDN platform
  • Various editions available ranging from on-premise to cloud-ready
  • Rich, intuitive, platform independent graphical interfaces
  • Open API for user customization
  • Feature upgrades are seamless & non-service affecting

Media Links’ NetGazer® NMS simplifies the complexity of the underlying network details, provides per-flow control, and facilitates clear service assurance and fulfilment across multi-vendor equipment.

Designed to manage in-studio as well as wide area media networks, Media Links’ new NetGazer® Network Management System delivers faster, smarter, and more flexible services and workflows.

Its SDN (Software Defined Networking) and MDN (Media Defined Networking®) enabled platform allows you to monitor and manage complex environments more effectively than ever before, providing the most comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring and management system for broadcasters and service providers.

NetGazer® Product Details

NetGazer® Key Features

  • SDN & MDN Orchestration
  • Open & Published API
  • Platform Independent GUI
  • Layered/Planar OSGi Architecture
  • Various Editions ranging from On-Premise to Cloud-Ready
  • Universal Media Management

NetGazer® Benefits

  • User Customizable
  • Easy Application Integration
  • Highly Scalable/ Highly Available
  • Carrier Class Performance
  • Non-service affecting upgrades
  • Fast fault isolation
  • Rapid Service Set-up &  Activation
  • Large number of Users/ Transactions
  • Optimized Traffic Engineering
  • Works with Legacy & IP media

NetGazer® Applications

  • Carrier Class Media  Networks
  • In-Studio Production
  • Contribution Video Transport
  • Studio Interconnects
  • Service Scheduling
  • End-to-End Monitoring