Centralized IP Switching

Huge quantities of ink and pixels have been spent extolling the virtues of an all-IP infrastructure for a modern media production facility such as a broadcast studio or and IPTV head-end. Today, Media links is one of the only companies in the world that has successfully installed complete, IP-based studio systems for global clients. By integrating all of the video, audio and data flows onto a common platform, huge up-front savings and continuing cost reductions can be realized.

The primary advantage of an IP-based system is the convergence of multiple signal formats onto a comprehensive, distributed IP switch fabric that seamlessly transports kilobit-speed data signals alongside multi-gigabit uncompressed video flows.

Media production facilities benefit by not having to purchase, install, manage, or maintain the multiple signal routing systems that are normally required to switch different types of compressed and uncompressed audio. A converged IP backbone dramatically increases system flexibility, allowing new applications, bit rates, and signal formats to be added to the core switching platform merely by adding a new type of interface card.

Media Links offers an optimized method of handling streams and files simultaneously in a unified IP switched infrastructure.


Key facts About the Media Links Solutions:

  • Offers an optimized method of handling streams and files simultaneously in a unified IP switched infrastructure
  • The Media Links IP router & switch solutions provide granular stream switching that mimics traditional baseband video infrastructure
  • Each signal in a system can be routed independently in a fully enabled, multi-cast controlled environment allowing for an ‘any to any’ combination of outputs through the switch fabric.
  • Capacity of the switch is limited only by bandwidth, not by the total number of signals.
  • Literally thousands of signals can be controlled and switched through a fully configured Media Links system, far exceeding the capacity of even the largest cross-point video router

The MD8000 series of Media over IP Transport solutions is Media Links’ flagship solution for transporting 4K, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and DVB-ASI over IP networks. The MD8000 solution offers broadcasters, telecoms, and network providers a cost-effective alternative to traditional video transport services. The MD8000 family addresses the need for broadcasters and carriers to connect directly to native IP networks for long-haul, multiple-wavelength transport links, which results in significant cost savings.