Compatible with the Media Links 100G Ecosystem

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1GbE MXG Media Exchange Gateway

Media Transport through a Customer L3 Network

Compatible with the Media Links 100G Ecosystem

1GbE MXG Media Exchange Gateway

The 1GbE MXG Media Exchange Gateway is designed to facilitate the hand-off between private customer networks and MD8000 networks. The 1GbE MXG line module provides a variety of network address translation modes for VLANs, IP networks, and RTP and UDP media streams.

The seamless bi-directional interconnection of broadcast video transport networks with private customer networks is a challenge for many service providers. With our 1GbE MXG line module, Media Links meets this challenge head-on by giving users a wide range of Layer 2 and 3 address translation options. These choices include both Ingress and Egress address translation by source or destination MAC address, VLAN ID and Priority, and source and destination IP address. In addition, the 1GbE MXG module supports Time-to-Live, ToS/DSCP, and source/destination UDP port number conversions. A granular Stream Policing feature based on 1Mbps increments is also available.

Multiple 1GbE MXG line modules can be installed in a single MD8000 chassis, giving users the ability to perform frame and packet header conversions on dozens of video streams. Two 1Gbps user ports are supported, with each port capable of handling 24 hand-off services. For Egress streams, stream replication with three outputs per service is offered.

  • SDI video transport over diverse VLANs, IP networks, or IP subnets
  • Service provider to private customer network transport integration
  • Video transport and pass-through over customer L3 IP networks


  • Supports up to 48 VLANs and 24 Hand-off services per port
  • Independent Ingress and Egress address (Header) translation, Stream Filtering, and Stream
  • Policing (using 1Mbps increments)
  • Stream replication (three outputs per service)
  • Compatible with MD8000 networking equipment
  • L2/L3 translation for Ingress or Egress streams
  • Two 1Gbps Ethernet user ports and one 1Gbps Ethernet port for monitoring (Copper or Optical)
  • Virtual network interface support for easy connection to customer L3 networks using ARP or IGMP protocols

1 GbE MXG Media Exchange Gateway

4 Port Rear Panel (4S-R)

8 Port Rear Panel (8S-R)