Part of the Media Links 100G Eco-system

High bandwidth applications

MD8000-100G Edition


The evolution of Media Links’ award-winning MD8000 platform delivers a range of step change for high bandwidth applications.

Part of the Media Links 100G Eco-system

MD8000-100G IP Media Transport Platform

Introducing the next generation of Media Links’ transport platforms
At the heart of Media Links’ new 100G Ecosystem, our next generation MD8000-100G edition delivers a step-change 10x increase in bandwidth capacity. It is compatible with Media Links’ extensive library of line-cards*, and offers unrivalled capability when implementing contemporary applications. All this and, for our existing MD8000 owners there is an easy path to upgrade with an optional Field Upgrade Pack

Part of a Media Links 100Gb Solution Ecosystem
Now, seamlessly connect to Media Links’ 100Gb Core and Aggregation Switches with bi-directional 100Gb Trunk interfaces. Compatible with existing MD8000 chassis and line cards. Very high throughput and ultra-low latency.


  • 10X increase in MD8000 trunk bandwidth
  • Dual SWCNT9-100G switch controllers supported for control redundancy
  • Uses 100G QSFP28 optical transceivers
  • Extensive front panel & diagnostic information
  • Available as an upgrade to existing Media Links MD8000 deployments

The 100Gb Switch and Network Interface Controller supports high bandwidth 100Gb trunk interfaces.

Each 100Gb SWCNT card maintains its own configuration and parameter settings locally on an SD memory card.

The unit supports Hitless Switching, VLAN range control, and Multicast flooding control.

The 100Gb SWCNT is compatible with both the MDX32C and MDX48x6C 100Gb Core and Aggregation switches.

  • Large channel count UHD/HD video transport
  • Tiered high-speed IP transport networking with full protection and hitless switching
  • High speed / high reliability file transfers
  • High capacity Remote/At-Home Production
  • 100GbE switch internetworking

MD8000-100G Edition Overview (FRONT)

MD8000-100G Edition Overview (REAR)

*Features and specification subject to change. Contact your Sales team for details