Training Services

Media Links offers multiple training options for engineers, technicians, and operators to help them enhance their skills and efficiency, and maximize the full potential of their solutions.

The Media Links training courses are taught by certified trainers and offer a high quality learning environment. Participants will be provided with full course notes, practical exercises, and a fully dedicated training environment.

The following training modules are available and can be customized to your unique requirements.

Media over IP Transport Solutions

MD8000 Product Training


Module 1: MD8000 Platform Overview

The MD8000 Platform:

We will review and educate trainees about each of the modules of the Media Links Media over IP Transport solutions MD8000 platform and architecture.

Module 2: Networking Basics:

Networking Basics:

This training module offers a basic networking overview and lessons for Engineers that are learning about Networking. These classes include discussions on Layer 2/3 switching, Multicast, Unicast and many other related networking basics that are specific to the MD8000 platform.

Module 3: MD8000 Hardware installation:

MD8000 Hardware installation:

This module offers a detailed look at the MD8000 hardware and how to install it in your new or existing infrastructure. In this course, we teach participants about each card for the MD8000 platform and how they function individually and together in a system.

Module 4: MD8000 Software Configuration & Operation:

MD8000 Software Configuration & Operation:

This training course offers participants a thorough look at the Media Links Management Software solution, its related modules and how to configure the software in a system.

Module 5: Troubleshooting & Maintenance:

Module 5: Troubleshooting & Maintenance:

This module covers equipment upgrades, recovery steps, and related troubleshooting topics concerning the MD8000, as well as general network issues.

Customized Training

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    To keep you on track with your technology
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    Help you maximize the Media Links solutions and get the most out of your investment
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    Tailor-made training for your specific application
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    How to use your network to its full potential
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    Increase your knowledge about networking

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Our training staff is available for customer on-site training, as well as classroom training at Media Links facilities around the world. Whether you require one-on-one customized courses, or multi-customer classes, we can arrange a class exclusively for your organization.

Support, Training, and Professional Services offerings may differ slightly by region. Please contact your Media Links sales representative for complete information regarding our services offerings in your region.