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Discover, Provision, Deliver with ProMD EMS 2.0

ProMD EMS software is designed to manage all types of media networks, delivering faster, smarter and more flexible media service assurance and activation. It makes the management of media services simple and easy by quickly setting up circuit connections, detecting and responding to network problems, and optimizing overall operation and performance.

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Proven architecture you can trust

ProMD EMS is based on a flexible as well as scalable software architecture that has the ability to drive multiple monitoring screens with various equipment, service and network parameter views.
With ProMD EMS every type of media service connection can be easily set up, scheduled, monitored and managed across networks large and small, supporting simple point to point as well as complex multi-point configurations. This makes ProMD EMS ideal for the varied, dynamic nature of today’s media-centric applications.
Rich graphical interfaces intuitively expose service, event and status information, allowing immediate and efficient operator interaction across the entire network workflow.

  • Media network monitoring
  • Topology Visualization
  • Network Fault Isolation
  • Rapid service provisioning
  • Parameter recording & event correlation
  • User Rights / Access Management
  • Customizable & Linkable Workspaces
  • Enhanced parameter Filtering
  • XY Routing Switcher Panel
  • Centralized Client/Server design w/ redundancy
  • Trap & Log Management
  • Theme-able screens, configurable GUI
  • Manage/Track Users and their activities
  • Vendor independent
  • Widespread Protocol Support
  • Customizable GUI
  • Northbound API
  • Regional Carrier Class Media Delivery Networks
  • Metropolitan Contribution/Distribution Networks
  • Mission Critical Contribution Video Transport
  • Studio Interconnects
  • End-to-End Service Assurance & Provisioning

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