The 1GbE-4H Hitless line module delivers path diversity and true hitless switching with zero second switchover time for demanding data applications that cannot tolerate lost or erred packets.

Key Facts 

  • Supports four 1GbE Ethernet ports
  • Compatible with MD8000 Media over IP equipment
  • True Hitless data protection using Media Links’ advanced Hitless logic
  • Bi-directional Ethernet traffic
  • High throughput and low latency for real-time applications such as remote production

As a line card in a MD8000 chassis, the 1GbE-4H Hitless data module offers four 1Gbps Ethernet ports for hitless service. The card provides hitless switching for bi-directional customer data traffic between endpoints while providing path diversity between those same endpoints.

Each source 1GbE Hitless line port encapsulates customer data into a single RTP stream at the transmitter side. The receiving 1GbE line card then checks and lines up sequence numbers and timestamps in the RTP header and passes the best packet to the egress interface.  This allows the network to handle routine errors that may occur such as out-of-order packets, duplicate packets, and lost packets. When erred packets are detected in any one transmission path, packets from the other transmission path will be used automatically with zero second switchover. Error checking and hitless switchover is handled transparently by the card’s internal logic.

1GbE-4H Hitless Ethernet Line Module with front and rear panels

1GbE-4H Hitless Ethernet Line Module with front and rear panels

Customer Ingress / Egress Frames- Per Port

Key Features of the 1GbE-4H Hitless Line Module for Data

  • 1446 byte ingress System Frame size
  • Optical or electrical SFP with full SFP statistics
  • Committed data rate up to 93.8% of Tx RTP Stream rate
  • 128 Kbyte per port FIFO buffer
  • Extensive front panel & diagnostic information
  • Supports four ports of multichannel MADI audio

Applications for the 1GbE-4H Hitless Line Module for Data

  • Local access point-to-point data transfers
  • Lossless push-pull bi-directional file transfers
  • Protected IP video transport
  • Remote/At-Home Production
  • High speed / high reliability file transfers
  • AES 10 (MADI) environments

Resources (Compatibility Matrix, Datasheets, Application Notes, and More…)