Key Facts:

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    Compatible with MD8000 networking equipment
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    Efficient J2K compression
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    3840×2160 4K video resolution
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    Accepts four 3G-SDI video inputs, transmitted as a single service

4K UHD-1 Video Encoder

4K UHD-1 Video Decoder

UVTX/UVRX J2K 4K - Optical Rear Board Connectors

UVTX/UVRX J2K 4K - Electrical Rear Board Connectors

Square Division Format

Two Sample Interleave format

Overview of the MD8000 – 4K UHD-1 Video Encoder/Decoder Card Set

MD8000 platform users can now transport 4K UHD-1 video signals across their networks. To transport 4K UHD-1 video signals, the MD8000 platform utilizes the UVTX/UVRX line cards configured for JPEG 2000 compression. Four separate, correctly timed 3G-SDI video signals are required for input to the UVTX line card, which compresses via JPEG 2000 and then subsequently IP packetizes (conforming to SMPTE 2022) for transport as a single service. The UVRX card de-packetizes and decompresses the four video stream signals, presenting four correctly timed 3G-SDI video outputs. Forward error correction, hitless switching and auto-protection are all provided as part of the MD8000 transport operation.

Key Features of the MD8000 – 4K UHD-1Video Encoder/Decoder Card Set

  • SMPTE 2022 standards compliance, including FEC, Hitless switching, and Auto protection
  • Accepts two types of 4K video; Square Division method and two sampling interleave method
  • Integrated 4K color bar signal generator
  • Configurable 400-1400 Mbps bandwidth per 4K stream
  • Supports audio and ancillary parameters

Applications for the MD8000 – 4K UHD-1 Video Encoder/Decoder Card Set

  • Carrier Class media networks
  • Flawless Contribution video transport
  • High performance studio interconnects
  • Reliable content delivery systems
  • Live sports production
  • Live, recorded, and file-based communications